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A dynamic company driven by science, established in 2013

Representative for MegaGen Implants and R2GATE Digital Dentistry and MINEC in the United Arab Emirates as a Total Healthcare innovator.

Introduces Biomaterials, Impression materials, burs, Dental devices and lab materials to perform as a comprehensive provider and supporter in the industry.

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Our Solutions

Introducing Biomaterials, Impression materials, burs, Dental devices and lab materials to perform as a comprehensive provider and supporter in the industry.




We are the official and exclusive representative of Megagen implant systems in the UAE. Clean implant award Winner since 2017. No:1 implant in Europe from non-European origin. 35% of the market share in UAE.

R2GATE Digital dentistry



Reduce chair-time, minimize surgical procedures, immediate loading, excellent clinical results with accurate predictive diagnosis We provide guided surgery options, stents, surgical guides and professional support for all stages, diagnosis, planning, surgery, post-surgical care, and restoration.

Bone and soft tissue maintenance



We are the exclusive representative of ACE, a company that is synonymous with quality, innovation and knowledge, which produces a wide variety of bio-materials and regenerative solutions.

Ideal prosthetic position and anatomically shaped soft tissue profile



With CERVICO Mold by VP Innovato Holdings as an in-office tool used for the fabrication of the CERVICO healing abutments and impression posts, for guided tissue management and aesthetic results.

From Saeshin



Certified for medical device quality management in the UK A selected star company from Daegu for its technological advancements and vision.




Selected branded equipment with proven quality and functionality from a variety of sources. We provide the clinicians and the nursing staff with the training and support necessary along with each product.

Our experts Did the work, and found the best materials for you.



We are always on a continuous search for high quality Dental lab materials and equipment. We study durability and ROI you get from each product before we bring it to you.

Implant Systems

Total Healthcare Innovator


by Megagen

A special biologically-inspired design, offers effective treatment solutions that…


by Megagen

Strong Solution for Narrow Ridge Designed for your convenience with better …



by Megagen

Natural emergence profile – with every healing abutment, temporary crown and …


Megagen international network of education and clinical cases a non-profit organization
"CONNECT & stay ahead of the game"

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Planning from macro to micro: Bigger Benefits and Smaller Risk in Implantology

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The 7th MegaGen MEASM, Middle East And Africa Scientific Meeting, Launching MINEC in UAE

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The Implant Supra-Crestal Complex. Building the foundation for long term stable results in implant therapy

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